Our Products

Crude Oil

Our crude oil is sourced from reliable and high-quality reserves, ensuring consistent performance and efficiency. Our rigorous testing and quality control processes guarantee that our crude oil meets the highest industry standards.

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Refined Petroleum Products

We offer a wide range of refined petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and lubricants. Our products are formulated to deliver optimal performance, extend engine life, and minimize environmental impact.

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Natural Gas

Energo Oil is a leading supplier of natural gas, providing a clean and efficient energy source for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our natural gas is sourced from high-quality reserves, ensuring consistent supply and competitive pricing.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

We are committed to promoting a sustainable future by investing in renewable energy solutions, including solar, wind, and bioenergy. Our innovative technologies and partnerships allow us to provide clean and efficient energy options for our customers.

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Jet Fuel

We supply high-quality jet fuel to commercial and military aviation customers. Our jet fuel meets stringent international standards and ensures efficient performance, reliability, and safety for aircraft operations.

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Gas Oil EN590 10PPM

Energo Oil provides Gas Oil EN590 10PPM (Automotive Gas Oil) products that deliver high performance and efficiency. Our advanced refining processes ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and comply with environmental regulations.

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The main assets of the ENERGO Group are located on the territory of Russia, mainly on the territory of Tatarstan. The main subsidiaries of PJSC ENERGO operate in the Russian Federation. The headquarters of the Company is located in Almetyevsk.

ENERGO's resource base includes one of the world's largest Romashkinskoye field. The Company's large deposits also include Novo-Elkhovskoye, Bavlinskoye, Bondyuzhskoye, Pervomayskoye, Sabanchinskoye, Arkhangelsk, Ashalchinskoye. Outside of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation, exploration and production are conducted in the territories of the Nenets Autonomous District, Ulyanovsk, Samara, Orenburg Regions, and the Republic of Kalmykia.

The largest processing facilities — the ENERGO Complex — are located in Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan. Currently, the Company is developing an oil and gas chemical complex, including assets in the immediate vicinity of mining and processing facilities.

The retail network for the sale of petroleum products includes 850 gas stations operating in Russia, as well as in Belarus, Uzbekistan.

The company has representative offices in Moscow, Kazan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, as well as branches in Libya and Turkmenistan.

ENERGO supplies engineering services, technologies and equipment to Kazakhstan, Libya, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan.